KEEN Waimea H2 Sandal


Are you experiencing heel pain? Looking for the best footwear to get rid of the heel pain? If yes, then read this review to know the best footwear for your heel pain. It’s nothing but the best footwear named KEEN men’s Waimea H2 sandal. Read the features of the KEEN men’s Waimea H2 sandal here.

Features of the KEEN Waimea H2 Sandal

KEEN is a great manufacturer of the footwear and this brand offers great footwear that is very best for quality and comfort. After a deep research and analyzing the features of the various footwear’s available in the market today, we strongly recommend you to buy this footwear to have a comfort walk.

1. Comfort design

This is particularly designed for men and it is a perfect sandal that features a lightweight design and the black color of this footwear looks quite awesome.

2. Upper design

This is an excellent sporty thong sandal that features a patented toe bumper and quick-drying upper to offer you an enhanced comfort while walking.

3. Outsole

It comes with a patented toe protection and a rubber outsole that offers stability.

4. Material

This men’s sandal is made from a high-quality material to offer long-lasting durability.


  • It is inexpensive to buy.
  • This is an imported one.
  • This footwear features a lightweight design.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is the color of this footwear?

A: It comes in black color.

  1. Q: Does this product is an imported one?

A: Yes, this is an imported one.


This is a highly recommended footwear from the well-known brand KEEN and it is rated as 4.4 out of 5 stars for its fabric, comfort walk, quality, and so on. Buy this high-quality comfort shoe to have a comfort walk.

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