Orthofeet Charlotte Women’s Slippers for Heel Pain


The Orthofeet charlotte slipper for women will be adjustable slipper with a wide opening and a removable anatomical insole. This will be replaced with the diabetic customized insoles. This soft slipper will be designed with leather upper and with the stylish stitch. This slipper is lined with synthetic wool and this will offer superior cushioning. The strap of the slipper will be adjustable at the instep which opens up the side and top of the slipper for your adjustability.

Orthofeet charlotte women’s slipper comes with the both medium and wide widths. The rubber outsole will allow the slipper to be worn around the house. This slipper will provide the comfort and cushion your feet need. Take a look at plantarfasciitissupport.net for more house slippers suggestions if you do not like the Charlotte.

Ergonomic sole

The ergonomic sole design will soften your step and it will help to propel the foot forward. This slipper will be lightweight cushioning materials that will offer superb shock absorption, comfort and alleviating the heel pain.

Protective interior lining

Orthofeet women’s slipper will offer the superior protection to their seamless lining that will be made of soft fabric. These ortho feet charlotte women’s slipper will be padded with cushioning foam to eliminate the irritation. This will make every step soothing with comfort.

Stretchable uppers

The ortho feet slipper will be designed with the elastic uppers that will stretch and shape to the contours of your foot. It will enhance comfort and ease pressure on swollen feet.

Anatomic insoles

Unique performance insoles will be designed with anatomical arch support and deep heel-seat. It will help to reduce pain at the heel, arch and forefoot. This slipper will improve comfort and stability.

This shoe will work for a variety of foot conditions like heel pain, ankle pain, diabetic feet, hammer toes, arch pain, arthritis and back pain. If you have this type of foot pain then highly recommend this slipper.

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